by Gordon L. Ziniewicz

"Tractor" Oil Painting © 2002 Tanya M. Ziniewicz
"Tractor" Oil Painting
Copyright 2002 Tanya M. Ziniewicz




Philosophers and students of philosophy ought to reflect upon the impact of technologies of every kind on human culture and community. Intelligent reflection on technology requires some first-hand experience of technology. Technologists and students of technology, for their part, should go beyond learning technical processes to thinking about the broader implications of technology for human beings. In the past, wholesale attacks on technology by humanities professors have been tantamount to cursing the wind because storms are often destructive. On the other hand, unqualified applause by certain technologists for any and every type of technique is extremely shortsighted. Given the actual situation we find ourselves in, philosophy of technology is an essential part of any curriculum.

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