Philosophy Crosswords

Philosophy Crossword Puzzle Number 1: General Philosophy


2. Greek god who represented light and reason, according to Nietzsche.
3. By the _______, god of the Egyptians, Socrates was fond of saying.
5. According to Hegel, what ideas have to go through in order to arrive at truth.
7. Theory that all knowledge is based on data that we get through the senses.
12. Theory of ultimate reality.
14. Study of ends or purposes.
18. Ockham's ________ cut pretty well.
20. What Marx says workers experience.
21. Confucius' Sayings.
23. Buddhist unconditioned state of release from suffering.
27. Greek word for city.
28. Type of intuition that Husserl thought we could have.
31. Theory of knowledge.
32. The female side of things in Taoism.
33. Units of pleasure for Bentham.
34. All things are made of these, according to Democritus.
35. According to Descartes, we're born with certain ideas; so they must be ________.
36. Plato said the philosopher should be a __________, since he knows how a city should be ordered.
38. Deductive argument.
40. Stoics said we should submit to this in order to have peace of mind.
41. Thales was said to have fallen into one of these while he was looking at the sky.
42. Branch of Buddhism that stresses immediacy without abstraction..

1. One of Aristotle's four causes.
2. Socrates' defense speech.
4. View that there is no truth beyond what an individual or society regards as true.
6. Word that seems for John Dewey to include almost everything.
8. 34. Don't make excuses; just follow Kant's ________________ imperative.
9. Kant's thing-in-itself.
10. Leibniz's windowless _________.
11. Heraclitus' term for the divine voice of reason.
13. According to Kierkegaard, truth is ______________________.
15. Galileo's _________________ theory of the heavens got him into trouble with the Catholic Church.
16. Schopenhauer had his will-to-live; Nietzsche had his will-to-power; and William James had his will to ____________.
17. Theory that there are two separate kinds of substances, such as body and mind.
19. Theory of interpretation for Gadamer and others.
22. I can't conceive of anything greater, so God exists. This is an ________________ argument for the existence of God.
24. Buddhist theory of no-self.
25. Everything comes from this, according to Thales.
26. What the Cyrenaics considered to be the most important thing.
29. Heidegger's term for being in the world.
30. Heidegger's magnum opus was called Being and _________ .
37. For Kant, ___________________ apriori propositions will give us real knowledge.
39. Like Hume, one who thinks we can't know reality.

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