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Philosophy Crossword Puzzle Number 2: Philosophers by Name

Philosophy Puzzle

5. Everything comes from water, and predicting eclipses can be fun.
6. Fire makes things happen, and we can't step into the same river twice.
9. Ancient Chinese thinker who said harmony should be cultivated by following ritual.
12. Greek philosopher who classified animals and taught the golden mean.
13. We are condemned to be free, and hell is other people.
15. Nothing changes. Everything is a well-rounded whole for this presocratic thinker.
16. Fear and I were born twins, which makes life brutish, nasty, and short.
18. Language games and language analysis were this German philosopher's trade.
21. British empiricist who maintained that our minds are blank slates.
23. Deduced the transcendental unity of apperception (before he took his regular walk).
25. French skeptic who wrote Essays.
27. Let's have mind and body meet at the pineal gland.
30. We shouldn't worry about death or the gods, but should just be content with natural and necessary satisfactions.
31. Tried to tell us how to make our ideas clear, and Popular Science magazine was never the same again.
32. Saw problems with the they-self gossiping about being-towards-death.
33. Ancient Athenians paid these foreigners to teach their young people how to win arguments.
34. Ancient Greek who wrote dialogues to help us see the Forms.
1. Received house arrest from the inquisition for espousing the heliocentric theory.
2. Wrote about the origin of species and vacationed at the Galapagos islands.
3. Presocratic who said everything was made out of atoms.
4. Wrote The Prince in order to teach the art of manipulation.
7. The "Subtle Doctor" who voluntarily differed with Thomas Aquinas.
8. Made his Confessions before he departed for the City of God.
10. Was enlightened under the Bo tree and then taught everyone how to get rid of suffering.
11. French process philosopher who had time to write Time and Free Will.
14. Said that esse est percipi, which means that trees don't fall unless somebody perceives them.
15. Believed that everything is based on numbers and that the heavens play music.
17. Was burned at the stake for his heretical views and purported belief in magic.
19. Stoic ex-slave who believed that we only have control over our thoughts.
20. Said that God is dead and inspired the musical score at the beginning of the movie 2001.
22. Philosopher who had occasions to write Process and Reality.
24. Said that the unexamined life is not worth living and drank hemlock to prove his point.
26. Tried to answer the Fool's objections to the ontological proof for the existence of God.
28. English skeptic who awakened Kant from his metaphysical nap or dogmatic slumber.
29. Student of Martin Heidegger who wrote The Human Condition and many other works, including one on the life of the mind.

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