Kant: Concepts of the Understanding with Table of Judgments
by Gordon L. Ziniewicz

Quantity (how much or how many of the subject)
Unity Universal All unicorns are purple.
All humans are mortal.
Plurality Particular Some unicorns are purple.
Some humans are Polish.
Totality Singular Harry the Unicorn is purple.
Socrates is mortal.
Quality (positive or negative)
Reality Affirmative Roger Rabbit is hyperactive.
All humans are mortal.
Negation Negative No dinosaurs are living in Ohio.
Socrates is not Polish.
Limitation Infinite Some humans are non-violent.
Some unicorns are non-purple.
Relation (between subject and predicate and between two judgments)
Substance Categorical Some humans are reasonable.
(and Inherence) The eight ball is round.
Cause Hypothetical If the teacher tells a joke,
(and Effect) then the students must laugh.
If the cue ball hits the eight
ball, then the eight ball moves.
Community Disjunctive The world is eternal or
(Reciprocity) the world is not eternal.
The five ball hits the eight ball, or the eight ball hits the five ball.
Modality (from possibility to necessity)
Possibility Problematic Some unicorns might be purple.
Two plus two might equal four.
Existence Assertoric All elephants are winged creatures.
Two plus two does equal four.
Some unicorns are philosophy majors.
Necessity Apodictic All things that go up must come down.
Two plus two must equal four.
Harry the Unicorn has to be purple.

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