Technology and Culture PL212
Understanding Technology and Culture
Notes by Gordon Ziniewicz

I.  The Meaning (Meanings) of Technology

II.  Thompson:  Controlling Technology: Preface and Introduction III.  Questions of Neutrality
    1.   Challenge to notion of the neutrality of technology.
    2.   Problem of divorcing machines and techniques from culture.
    D.  Model of medical practice as help in understanding technology-practice.
    1.   Medical practice includes:

    2.    a.  Medical science (knowledge and techniques) which are the same for all (universal).
         b.  Organizations or systems of management.
         c.  Cultural aspects -- varying (include doctor's and patient's ideas
          and views).
    [E.  Knowledge is universal, practice is particular.
    1.   1.  Aristotle's view of the art of medicine.]
    F.  According to Pacey, we should distinguish these different aspects of technology-practice.
IV.  Problems of Definition V.  Exposing Background Values: [Dewey: philosophy as criticism of values]

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